Recipe supplied by Alejandro Cancino

For the onions:
8 pickling onions
100g chardonnay vinegar
50g sugar
200g water
5g star anise

For the tapioca:
40g tapioca pearls
200g picking liquor

For the macadamia milk:
300g water
200g macadamia

For the macadamia pieces:
Dill tops
Sea salt

For the dill oil:
100g dill
50g grape seed oil

For the onions:
To make the picking liquor, mix all ingredients apart from the onions in a bowl until the salt and sugar are dissolved
Blanch the onions in boiling water for eight minutes and then place it in the pickling liquor
Reserve in the liquor for 4 days

For the tapioca:
Boil the tapioca pearls for 6 minutes and then refresh them in iced water
Drain the tapioca and place in the reserved picking liquor from the onions

For the macadamia milk:
Place the macadamias into a thermo mix and blitz until they're a fine powder
Add the water and continue to blitz on speed 5 for 10 minutes
Allow to infuse for 24 hours and pass through a fine sieve
Then, pass again through a superfine bag

For the dill oil:
Blanch the dill in boiling salted water and then refresh in some iced water
Dry at 60 degrees until the dill is completely dry
Place the dry dill and the grape seed oil into a thermo mix and blitz for 5 minutes
Pass through a coffee filter

To finish:
Cut the pickled onions in half and choose the small inner pieces
Pick three halves and place the tapioca pearls inside the onions
Put small pieces of macadamia on top of each onion
Sauce the bottom of each plate with the macadamia milk
Add tapioca to the onions
Season with salt and finish with the dill oil and some dill tops.