For the black bean mix
250g small black turtle beans
1 ham hock
250g smoked chorizo (chopped into 5mm thick rounds)
1/4 cup vegetable oil
2 onions, finely chopped
3 cloves garlic, mashed
1/3 cup chopped fresh parsley
1 1/2 teaspoons cumin
1 tsp. dried thyme
1 tsp. cayenne pepper
2 tbsp. tomato paste
1 bay leaf
Salt and pepper to taste

For the braised beef cheeks
500g beef cheeks
1 onion, peeled and roughly chopped
2 carrots, peeled and roughly chopped
4 cloves garlic,, roughly chopped
1 stick celery, roughly chopped
2 tbsp. tomato paste
500ml red wine
500ml beef stock
Olive oil
6 peppercorns
6 juniper berries

For the yeast-free pizza (makes two round bases)
1 3/4 cups gluten free self-raising flour
1/2 cup fine grated parmesan cheese
1/4 cup vegetable oil
2/3 cup boiling water

You will also need
2 cups grated cheddar cheese

For the black bean mix
Soak the beans overnight in cold water
Place the beans in a large pot and cover with water. Add the ham hock and simmer for 2 hours, or until beans are cooked but firm. Remove the ham hock and discard
Add the chorizo, the tomato paste and the bay leaf to the beans and simmer for 30 minutes, adding hot water if necessary to maintain a thick sauce-like consistency with the beans
Heat the oil in a pan and cook the onions and garlic until soft and golden. Add the parsley and season with the cumin, cayenne, thyme, salt and pepper to taste
Add 3/4 cup of the bean mixture to the pan and mash the beans with the onions. Add this mixture back to the beans and meat. Simmer for 30 minutes more
Remove the bean mix and set aside. This mix should not be excessively wet as it will be the topping for the pizza. Reduce bean mix further if required

For the braised beef cheeks
Season the beef and sear it in a hot pan
Add some olive oil to the pan along with the roughly chopped vegetables, stock and garlic and cook until it’s a rick golden colour
Move all ingredients onto an oven tray, cover with foil and bake for approximately two hours
Peel back foil, turn the beef cheeks over in the cooking liquid and continue cooking for approximately two hours or until the beef cheeks are tender
Set the cheeks aside and retain approximately the cheeks aside and retain approximately one cup of cooking liquid (without the vegetables) and discard the balance of the cooking stock
The stock should now have thickened and should be a sauce-like consistency.

For the yeast-free pizza
Place flour and cheese in a bowl and make a well in the middle
Add the wet ingredients and mix together with a fork until you form a ball of dough
Cover in plastic wrap and allow to rest for 10mins while you prepare the pizza toppings
Cut mixture into two, roll out flat for the pizza bases and pre-cook for eight minutes in the oven.

To assemble the pizzas
Remove the pizza bases from the oven and add the bean mix, the pulled beef cheeks and a light sprinkling of grated cheddar cheese
Place back in the oven and cook for a further 20 minutes to heateverything through
Cut the pizza and serve.