Newstead Brewing Co. is the brainchild of the Howes clan (Peter, Heather and Mark) and Michael Conrad, forging an unlikely but surprisingly useful pairing of science, fine dining and HR.

Michael has owned and run many exceptional venues, such as Restaurant Two and Bistro Three, while Peter and Heather started their own small HR business in 1982, which sold to a global brand in 2010.

Mark meanwhile, has a PhD in molecular bioscience and a Certificate of Brewing. He brews Newstead beer along with his team, Gavin and Jarrett.

Newstead Brewing Co. are passionate about craft beer. Their beer has four ingredients – malt, hops, yeast and water, and they believe that their beer is so special because it comes abundant with the flavour, texture and complexities that many are other beers are missing. Their beer is preservative free and sits well with food or on its own.

Newstead Brewing Co. is located in a warehouse in Newstead, Brisbane. The warehouse was originally built in the 1940’s and was revamped in the 1980’s, giving it the wonderfully tranquil and comfortable atmosphere it has today. For more information and to see their menu, head to Newstead Brewing Co.’s official website.