In April 2014, Maggie Beer established her own foundation; Maggie Beer Foundation, to provide the pleasure of a good food life for all, regardless of age or health restrictions.

The wellbeing and nutritional welfare of those in aged care facilities has been an ongoing concern of Maggie’s for a long time and she is so happy to finally have found the time and people to support her passion.

In fellowship with her board of industry leaders, professors and health advisors, Maggie has made it her personal mission to link the latest research of nutrition’s impact on brain health and general wellbeing, with her innate knowledge of what good food can do for everyone’s state of mind; a truly nourishing mix, so much greater than the sum of its parts.

Maggie’s hope to ‘create an appetite for life’ leads her to work on many levels, with the hope of encouraging everyone (young, old and in between!) to enjoy quality, seasonal cooking every day. For more information, head to the Maggie Beer Foundation's website.

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